There is often some confusion about the difference between valeting and detailing. Valeting will leave your vehicle looking clean and shiny however it will not repair damage to the surface layer of the paintwork. This is where detailing comes in.Detailing is restoration and protection of a vehicle’s paintwork. The cleaning stage is similar to valeting but is more intense.


The art of Detailing, the journey begins here.

Perfect Bodywork.

Designed to significantly improve the overall appearance and protection of your vehicle to leave a smooth and glossy finish.

1.Surface Protection.

The Surface Protection is a meticulous procedure which involves a multi-stage wash starting with a Snow Foam wash, followed by a meticulous second wash with specialist shampoo using a fine brush to get every last bit of dirt out of all nooks and crannies, this is then followed by a full decontamination, this removes all embedded contaminants, brake dust, tar, road grime, tree sap and many other small particles. The decontamination is followed by a single stage machine polish that will leave the paintwork glossy and smooth, which is then followed by our best Paintwork Sealant, Super Gloss Enhancer and Hard Wax.

2.Paint Correction.

Our Paint Correction service is the ultimate Surface Protection, however this includes up to five additional stages of machine polishing, designed to remove heavy marks, light to medium scratches, and other imperfections. The level of Paint Correction and how many stages the vehicle needs will be discussed when we view the vehicle. You will see added paintwork depth, clarity and spectacular levels of gloss added to your paintwork.

Perfect Interior.

Designed to significantly improve the appearance and protection of your interior. Everybody knows it's what's on the inside that counts.

Full Clean and Protect.

Standard interior detailing involves many more types of materials and more complicated areas than standard exterior detailing (aside from major paint correction, of course). There's no special science to car vacuuming, it simply needs doing right. Followed by cleaning and treating the dashboard and centre console, door panels and crevices to leave a nice "factory-fresh" finish. Detailing vinyl and all plastic parts finished with treating upholstery (leather upholstery can really make a huge difference when cleaned and treated with our specialist chemicals and protectants). Windows are usually a nightmare to clean and keep clean, we use Glass Polishes to get them as clean as possible with the added bonus of removing and filling small scratches and imperfections to reduce the effect of the glare effect from oncoming vehicles and low sun conditions.


Perfect Wheels.

Wheels can make or break a vehicle, this is why we use only the best products to clean, polish and protect them.

Cleaning and Protecting.

Wheels come in many shapes, sizes and finishes. Using the correct chemicals on the correct finish is very important. Our specialist chemicals are PH Netural to ensure they will only affect the dirt and contaminants while leaving a perfect finish. Wheels with a chrome or polished finish can be further polished with compounds to bring them back to their original factory finish. The worst enemy is brake dust which embeds itself into the surface, our chemicals dissolve the iron dust in a "touch free" manner, to avoid further damage by brushing. The ultimate finish is then achieved by applying a specialist wheel sealant which will protect the wheels from contaminants in the future and will make washing wheels a breeze as the brake dust will only stick to the sealant and not into the surface of the wheel.